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Welcome to RA3ATX/B 28Mhz BEACON web page !

RA3ATX/B  in Zelenograd, Russia, operating on 28.288 kHz in CW mode.

RA3ATX/B in Zelenograd city (near Moscow) started her operation in 2013 as 28MHz beacon and has been operating continuously until now. We introduce outline, history and some record of RA3ATX/B on this page.

RA3ATX/B Operating parameter

 Callsign:  RA3ATX/B
 Frequency:  28.288 kHz
 Mode:  CW (A1/A1A)
 Operating time: Testing mode. Planing 24 hours a day/7 days a week
 Location:  Zelenograd near Moscow
 Grid Locator:  KO85nx
 Transmitter/Power:  about 8W max.
 Antenna:  Vertical GAP Callenger
 Transmitting:  VVV DE RA3ATX/B RA3ATX/B LOC KO85NX KO85NX -----
 Operating Manager:  Dmitry Gurianov RA3ATX
 Reporting Address:  Dmitry Gurianov RA3ATX, E-mail: ra3atx(at)gmail.com
 Please put your receiving report into any clusters!